International Camp 2014

Villaggio “La Vela” – Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)
6th -17th of August 2014

The International Camp is a significant event where young people from different Countries, religions and cultures can share their life and grow up together.
Since more than 20 years, following Giorgio La Pira’s ideas about “building bridges of peace, unit and religion”, relationship of friendship have been created with different Russian realities and institutions, in particular with the International Institution of Moscow. For this reason some participants will come from Russia, in particular Orthodox Christians from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Besides, after our pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2003, we resumed La Pira’s commitment to persecute the ancient Isaiah’s path regarding the peace in Jerusalem between Jews, Muslims and Christians. In this sense, young Muslims, Christians and Jewes from Palestine and Israel will be present at the Camp.
To make the dialogue and the confrontation richer and more intercultural, up the the historical urgency of emerging countries, in recent years the participation has been extended to young people from Africa as well.
The Camp is an “integral” life experience, in which every person is helped to grow up as an individual and as a member of a community. Everyday life will be divided among reflection moments (in which anyone can contribute to the common dialogue sharing personal opinions, ideas, culture, values about the chosen topic, also thanks to the intervention of professional lecturers), playing moments (included several hours on the seaside), moments of prayer (that comprise each religion’s specific rites: Jews’ opening of Shabbat, Christians’ Holy Mass, Muslims’ Jumu’a). Every kind of activity in the camp is lived in a communitarian way, in order to create and improve dialogue among different cultures and religions, but starting from the people.
Following the current global events, we will examine the situation of young people around the world, especially in those countries and areas in which massive social and political changes occurred. We will focus on different aspects regarding youth activism and its modalities: from a psychological point of view, what are today’s hopes, turmoils and projects, and how these are faced by young people; from a social and political point of view, we will examine situations in which youth’s contribution has been pivotal in major changes (both in a revolutionary way, with protests and demonstrations, and in an istitutional way, with youth’s participation to the life of political parties, of socially committed association, etc.), while examining as well situations in which this contribution is lacking and why; from a religious point of view, we will try and determin what kind of role istitutional religions have in forming young people acts and ideas in said activism.